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The terms and conditions for users of this Website are as follows: (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”):
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•    All information and data, including the visualizations featured on this Website, are for informational purposes only.
•    The Terms and Conditions for use of this Website shall become valid and effective on the date of their publication. The publication date is 9th November 2022
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•    The Terms and Conditions can be altered or modified solely by the Operator.
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•    By completing and submitting this form I request more detailed information about the item in question to be sent to me and in this way I am not making a pre-reservation or reservation of the rentable spaces. My request for further information does not bind me or any other person to sign any contract whatsoever, nor does it entitle me to demand the conclusion of any contract, in particular the reservation contract, agreement on future purchase contract or purchase contract.